Terrance Tam, designer of the OpenBeam Construction System, has launched the OpenBeam Kossel Pro on Kickstarter.  It is based on Johann Rocholl's Kossel, an open source delta robot FFF 3D Printer.  The Kossel Pro is larger than the original Kossel and uses Metrix Brainwave Electronics, designed by Matthew Wilson and named after the makerspace where the prototypes were built.  It will be open hardware, but not self-replicating.  All its parts will be made via traditional manufacturing.

The Kossel Pro uses 1.75 mm filament (PLA tested more than ABS).  It has a cylindrical build area of 250 mm diameter x 250 mm height.  Its linear actuator resolution is 2 microns/full step, 1/32" microstepping.  A heated bed is optionally available.