3D bioprinting company Organovo has partnered with the Methuselah Foundation to initiate a campaign that will fund bioprinting research. They are offering $500,000 worth of grant money that they plan to split between several research institutions. Eligible institutions include public and private research universities as well as private non-profit research institutes. Organovo will help select the grant winners and the chosen institutions can use the money to cover various research expenses, including the purchase of a NovoGen MMX bioprinter.

Methuselah Foundation Chief Executive Officer David Gobel commented, "Our donors expect us to drive beneficially disruptive medical technology forward. Their funding support is doing exactly that by placing Organovo's breakthrough 3D bioprinting technology in the hands of the brightest scientists that tissue engineering centers of excellence have to offer."

Both Organovo and the Methuselah Foundation hope that the program will result in enough positive preliminary results to justify additional government funded grants for bioprinting research.

"Organovo's technology has broad potential application in the life sciences," said Keith Murphy, chief executive officer of Organovo.  "The opportunity to allow those working towards significant breakthroughs in organ bioprinting to use the NovoGen MMX bioprinter is exciting, and we're happy to be able to establish this joint effort with Methuselah Foundation to enable greater access to Organovo's powerful platform."

This is not the first time that Organovo has been in the news recently. The company is using their proprietary NovoGen bioprinters to help test new cancer drugs and on July 15, 2013 they rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate their new listing (ONVO on the NYSE).