From the Singapore-based makers of the Portabee comes the Panther, an FFF 3D printer.  It has a larger build envelope than its predecessor at 202 x 162 x 157 mm.  The Portabee's build envelope is 120 x 120 x 120 mm.

The Panther is constructed of aluminum components and stainless steel hardware.  It has a positional accuracy of 25 microns (X,Y) and prints using 1.75 mm ABS or PLA filament.  Its tapered 0.4 mm nozzle allows a layer height of 100 microns and it has a software-controlled heated bed.  It runs on open source software, such as Pronterface and Cura.

The Panther's price is set at $960.  It comes fully assembled and tested, with a 1 kg spool of natural PLA.  There is currently a four week lead time for printer delivery.