To encourage the viability of the 3DP economy, Pinshape, the content marketplace for additive ideas, has established Pinshape U to create a directory of schools and to establish scholarships dedicated to 3D design education.

The eligibility process for the scholarships is in the beginning stages. Pinshape plans on offering $1000 to students attending or planning to attend a university offering a concentration in 3D design.

The applications for the scholarships are not open yet, but interested students can submit their names and they will recieve more eligibility information as soon as it becomes available.

Anyone interested in 3DP careers should also check out Pinshape's 3D Design School Directory. The school directory lists universities and art institutions that offer degrees in 3D design, 3D animation, 3D modeling or 3D sculpting.

Current schools listed on the directory include Gnomon, SCAD, CalArts, Sheridan, RISD, and Gobelins. Academic institutions wishing to be listed on the roster can submit their information here.