Pixologic, the company behind ZBrush, the digital sculpting and painting program that revolutionized the 3D industry, will exhibit at 3D Printer World Expo and sponsor a unique sculpt-off in which some of the world's top digital artists will compete live on the exhibit floor to win a 3D printer and other prizes. Company representatives also will team with studio executives and other strategic partners to provide education and share their insights in various seminars, panel discussions and demonstrations.

ZBrush software has many powerful export options that allow users to prepare their models for 3D printing or use within other digital applications. Artists in many different disciplines and 3D modelers for major film studios and game companies are increasingly using ZBrush to model 3D printable objects, and Pixologic will be displaying several examples at the event.

"We couldn't be more thrilled to have Pixologic as a sponsoring partner," says Bob Titsch, content director for 3D Printer World Expo. "When attendees see the 3D printable objects that digital artists are creating using ZBrush, they're going to be blown away. I also think those unfamiliar with the software will be fascinated to learn hands-on how its features and intuitive workflows are so user friendly." 

The ZBrush sculpt-off will feature eight digital artists who will take turns on the exhibit floor's center stage with large screen monitors above them so attendees can see them model "live." Each contestant will be charged with building out a bust in 90 minutes. When finished, their designs will be transferred to a high-precision 3D printer on the show floor, printed out, finished and then displayed so attendees can vote on their favorites.

To get an idea of what artists are capable of creating using ZBrush, visit Pixologic's online community at www.zbrushcentral.com.