Delta Micro Factory Corp. (PP3DP) has announced the pending release of the UP Plus 2.  The new version of the UP Plus is said to have an automatic platform calibration system, which includes both platform leveling and platform height.  This description could perhaps be confusing.  The platform leveling screws do not automatically turn, therefore it would be inaccurate to refer to it as an auto-leveling platform feature.  Instead, it appears that new hardware attached to the bed is involved in automatically filling in the numbers for the software's nozzle height and platform compensation abilities.  This would be an immense time saver in terms of maintenance, but the build platform itself would still need to be manually leveled.

Delta Micro Factory also announced new features for version 1.19 of its UP software.  They include:

  • Thin surface printing.
  • Pause printing at a certain height.
  • Shell printing on Mac.
  • Various bug fixes and other usability improvements.

Features not mentioned in the press release, but noted by testers, include:

  • Raft height option.
  • Optimize for raft printing.
  • Raft is thinner.
  • Raft is limited to be printed within build envelope.
  • Allow full range model printing on the platform even with raft.
  • Easier to recognize X and Y axis (in software).
  • Optimize for view of the build.
  • Optimize for wall printing, Inner fill is more close to the wall and the printed wall will be much more solid.
  • For layer thickness thinner than 0.2mm, the support structure is much easier to remove.
  • For model with a vertical wall, the outer wall will be more smooth.
  • Show temperature after print is stopped.
  • Enable the Mac software ROM update feature.
  • Added shell printing pattern to Windows software. Increases the printing efficiency for hollow models.

The bulk of the new features mentioned above are software based and should work for all UP printers, but the new platform calibration ability appears to require hardware included with the forthcoming UP Plus 2.

The UP Plus 2 will be priced at $1649.  It will be available for preorder on June 1st from the PP3DP web site and its worldwide distributors.