Police are using a newly acquired 3D scanner in an officer involved shooting that occurred early Friday morning in Roswell, New Mexico.

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance call around 1 a.m. when the incident occurred, according to Roswell Police Department spokeswoman Sabrina Morales.

Police believe a man with a knife charged a woman and her children when he saw the officers, who initially tried unsuccessfully to subdue him with Tasers. When that didn't work, at least one of the officers fired a gun at the man.

Now a team of investigators from the Roswell Police Department along with the Chaves County Sherriff's Department and the New Mexico State Police Department are using for the first time the FARO 3D scanner the city bought last month to gather evidence and discern if their understanding of the situation is correct.

"It will give them a depiction of what the officers saw, what they experienced," Morales said.

Officers have scanned both the inside and outside of the residence, and will use that information to corroborate eye witness accounts, Morales said. 

"The information is tremendous when it comes to court," Morales said. "They will be able to show the jury: this is what we have, this is where it happened. It gives them a totally different perspective. It puts them inside the scene."

The Roswell City Police Department has been trying to purchase the $86,000 scanner since 2008 but had to wait until the money was in the budget.

Police are not identifying the names of anyone involved in the incident.

The 34-year-old man who was shot Friday morning was transported to a local hospital. Both officers who responded to the call were placed on administrative leave, as is standard practice in this type of situation, Morales said.