The weekly wrap is back, just in time for a certain infamous wedding on Game of Thrones this evening.


You Know You Want One

The Darkmatter Xbox Laptop, made with 3D-printed parts, is available on Kickstarter.  But, they aren't cheap.  A fully-assembled unit is $999.


Crowd Funding Success Abounds

Pirate3D's Buccaneer made its goal of $100k in ten minutes.  Yes, that is the fastest ever to $100k. The Zortrax M200 has also reached its funding goal with plenty of days remaining.  OpenBeam's Kossel Pro is very close to reaching its goal.  A small suggestion for anyone out there thinking about crowd funding a printer during the next 30 days.  Unless you're bringing something seriously new to the party, you might want to wait.


Let's Get Ready To Rumble

In this corner, we have Shapeways' Elasto Plastic.  In this corner, we have Materialise's rubber-like.  FIGHT!


What a Wonderful World

One guy proves a homemade plastic zip gun can fire a real bullet, essentially emulating a ho-hum segment on Mythbusters.  For this, he receives millions of dollars worth of publicity and tens of thousands in donations.  The other guy makes articulated prosthetic hands for children born without fingers, radically improving their lives.  For this, he can't seem to gain the $10k in donations he needs to expand the project.