Now you can create and purchase your own 3D printed molecular jewelry courtesy of Mixee Labs. They've just launched a new browser-based customization tool that lets you play around with a variety of premade templates courtesy of designer Aaron Barnet. Some of the most popular templates right now include: caffeine, adrenaline, testosterone and estrogen.

If you want to make your own personal molecular statement but your formula isn't listed, don't worry. You can look up the chemical structure of your choice on DrugBank or ChemicalBook and enter the information into the Mixee generator.

Once you've selected your chemical you can customize your 3D printed jewelry in a variety of ways. Available print sizes range from Small (25mm) to Huge (80mm) and prints can be made in a variety of materials. SLS Plastic is the cheapest building material available while silver and gold-plated brass is the most expensive. Once you order, the molecules take two to three weeks to print and ship.

If you're into customized jewelry but not big on molecules, you may want to check out the rest of the Mixee line-up. You can make personalized wax seals, cufflinks and even pet tags then order prints directly from them.