Joel Rush's 3D Printlife

Vase and Candlesticks?  3D printed.

Out in California, 3D printing company 3D Printlife says they're "driven to find new and entertaining ways to show the value of 3D printing in the home."

Part of their mission includes a video series featuring marketing executive Joel Rush as he does a remake of an apartment in Studio City. They call it Joel Rush's 3D Printlife, and the idea is that Rush will take on the everyday problems associated with domestic surroundings and making them better with 3D printing technology.

"A few years ago 3D printers were just hitting the home consumer market and there was not a lot of good information for the consumer to make smart decisions," says Jeff Stevens, President and Co-founder. "Joel Rush's 3D Printlife is our in house guilty pleasure. We do it in hopes that it entertains and educates viewers, but also because we simply have fun doing it. I'd like us to explore new environments and new challenges where 3D printing could make an impact."

Stevens says he first became aware of 3D printing technology from reading an article in 2011 in The Economist about a machine capable of printing a Stradivarius violin.

"I had never heard of a 3D printer before then, but I was fascinated," Stevens said. "Two weeks later I had my first Makerbot and I was hooked."

Stevens co-founded 3D Printlife in 2012. His diverse background in media, entertainment and retail operations provide him with strong content management and content distribution experience as well as in depth knowledge of consumer products and retail markets. He's a Vice President of Digital Asset Management and Archival Strategy for Warner Bros. Entertainment and spends time as a volunteer each week at Chrysalis, where he helps to train and prepare L.A.'s homeless and economically disadvantaged to enter the workplace.

Cufflinks?  3D printed.

Joel Rush is the VP of Marketing at 3D Printlife, and he's also the star of the show. That makes sense, as he's also an actor of some note.

"In addition to working for 3D Printlife, I play the role of Edward on Tyler Perry's new series, If Loving You Is Wrong," Rush said. "We're in production now and the series premiers in September on the Oprah Winfrey Network."

That didn't prevent Rush from taking on this latest project.

"A new episode of Joel Rush's 3D Printlife is released each Tuesday, but I'm printing pretty much daily," Rush said. "It takes us a day or two to complete a challenge for the show, but I print other things in between that are not filmed. A lot of us at 3D Printlife are involved in the show. Sometimes I tape segments alone, but Jeff is there a lot. We like bouncing ideas off each other to come up with more interesting challenges."

So what can we expect to see in future episodes?

"A true visionary designer created this skull candy dish for 3D Printlife that is insanely cool," Rush says. "We'll feature the dish in an upcoming episode and introduce the designer to talk about his work."