When you have the confidence to name your new product Prometheus, you're really going big in a truly historical way.

In Greek legend, Prometheus is known as the trickster god who brought on the creation of man from clay. Not content to end there, Prometheus flies in the face of his fellow gods and hands the gift of fire over to his newly-minted creations.

Of course, for his act of kindness to mankind and his impudence, Prometheus did get sentenced by Zeus to a life of eternal torment at the mercy of a liver-chomping eagle, but that's another story all together.

The new Prometheus Hot End is a 3D printer hot end designed to let RepRap users experiment with the many aspects of thermoplastic extrusion. Its active cooling system and all-metal construction is exceptionally durable and built to withstand the high temperatures required for extruding materials such as Nylon and Polycarbonate.

Prometheus Hot End Kit

A modular design provides users a way to customize the melt-zone length, transition-zone length, and thermistor position according to their needs.

Made from precision CNC-machined parts, the Prometheus Hot End features a one-piece stainless steel nozzle which has been polished internally to prevent jamming. The hot end's thermistor is secured by a cap screw to increase reliability and aesthetic appeal.

With an assembled weight of about 30 grams, the Prometheus is ideal for high-speed printing on Delta and Ultimaker-style 3D printers.

To ensure reliable, precise performance, the Prometheus Hot End has been tested extensively –hundreds of hours using PLA, ABS, Polycarbonate, and Nylon materials – on several Prusa I2 printers. The tests went well, without any leaks, clogs, or jams, and all the testing was done with a 16mm melt-zone length and 2-3mm transition-zone length.

Eric Sammut"I have tested the Prometheus Hot End with various high stress printing scenarios without any issues: I have printed PLA at very low extrusion rates for long periods of time; I have printed Polycarbonate at 300C above a 140C heat bed in an enclosed print chamber; I have tested rapid successive retractions and 10+ hour long prints," says developer Eric Sammut. "I've also tested the Prometheus Hot End with the lowest quality PLA on the market. I had an old roll of neon green ESUN PLA that had been left in an uncontrolled environment throughout a very hot and humid summer in Toronto. It was wavy and swollen, yet I still managed to print a decent looking Yoda head and Buddha bust at 100 microns without any issues."

Sammut adds that his Prometheus Hot End has achieved exceptional precision printing down to 50 microns. "Keep in mind that all of these objects were printed on my wobbly old Prusa I2 printers," Sammut says. "If I can get these results on my old printers, just imagine how well Prometheus will perform on a rigid Prusa I3, Mendel 90, or Solidoodle. Of course, I couldn't have created the Prometheus Hot End without the help the RepRap community."