Crowd funding for Pryntech's open source stereolithogaphy 3D printer is under way on  Justin Hawkins, the project engineer, has dubbed the system sLAMPS.  It uses an additive manufacturing technology called stereolithography, known for superior precision and quality, similar to that incorporated in high end professional 3D printers and the Kickstarter wonder, Form 1, by Formlabs

Originally invented by Charles Hull of 3D Systems, stereolithography is a method and apparatus for making solid objects by successively printing thin layers of an ultraviolet curable material.  The technology has since become known under several different names; such as, optical fabrication, photo-solidification, solid free-form fabrication, solid imaging, cured resin 3D printing and photopolymerization.  Although no longer confined to liquid-only chemistry, the process typically involves a vat of polymer resin from which hardened objects can be shaped via spectrum-specific light bombardment, usually applied via laser.  In layman's terms, it is a pool of goo that hardens where a certain type of light is shined on it.

Having exceeded twice the crowd funding goal of $5,000 with five days remaining, supporters can still purchase a complete DIY kit without the housing for $1,095.   Finished and assembled products with housings have sold out.


Pryntech OpenSL from Pryntech on Vimeo.