Punchbowl Media, Inc., the company behind 3DPrinterWorld.com and 3DPrinterWorldExpo.com has acquired the community-based website LetsMakeRobots.com. The site was founded by Danish tech-wiz Frits Lyneborg in 2008, and today is the world's largest and most vibrant online community for robot enthusiasts.

"Over the years I have been approached by several companies and investors interested in acquiring the site, but none of them appeared to me as if they really understood that what we have here is more than an opportunity to market their products," says Lyneborg. "Let's Make Robots is about friendship centered around robot building and pushing evolution together, so I was pleased to be approached by Punchbowl Media, a strong company focused on sharing knowledge about exciting and emerging technologies."

Yellow Drum Machine was one of LetsMakeRobots.com's first video hits. The robot was made by founder Frits Lyneborg to spark interest in the newly founded community in 2008.

Let's Make Robot's visitor statistics and Google ranking "are driven by a large community of engaged enthusiasts who are remarkably creative and keep a friendly tone unseen most places on the Internet today," says Lyneborg. "The coolest and most creative nerds frequent the site and consider it their favorite place to hang out, show off, share and inspire."

Lyneborg adds that members are constantly interacting with each other and lending a hand.

"In many ways, the Let's Make Robots community is similar to the open-source 3D printing community, where feedback, collaboration and good will are so vital to progress," says Jenny Bolton, President of Punchbowl Media. "And the synergies between robotics and 3D printing are undeniable. Robot enthusiasts are increasingly using 3D printers to make parts, for example. By adding Let's Make Robots to our family of information products, we're better positioned to help mechanical innovators in both robotics and 3D printing leverage these synergies as well as showcase their projects to an eager audience worldwide." 

Want to learn how to make a robot? Here's a good place to start: letsmakerobots.com/start.

Attendees of the 3D Printer World Expo in Burbank, Calif., will have the opportunity to meet Frits Lyneborg. He will be on hand to discuss robotics-related topics, such as 3D printing custom robot parts.

Some neat projects from LMR:
Yellow Drum Machine by Frits.  Drives around and finds stuff to play drums on. Edward by mintvelt. Avoid obstacles... look cute... MTR - A planetary surface exploration rover by Antonb. This is his PhD work from concept to implementation.