When award winning fashion artist Ana Rajcevic partnered with Shapeways and Autodesk, they wanted to push the outer limits of 3D printing capabilities.

"I usually work with headwear, which touches the questions of identity and self construction," Rajcevic said. "I reshape the human silhouette and play with the stories of mutation and evolution."

So her idea was to print something that sounds simple enough, but has remained stubbornly elusive to 3D designers.

"We are literally going to try to create hair, which I know from Autodesk is really hard to make, so I want to create something absolutely impossible," Rajcevic said.

She hand sculpted an ultra-elegant and super fragile, angelic-looking headdress.

She then worked with Shapeways and Autodesk to scan the plaster model with 123D Catch. The file was then imported into Maya, where 800 hair thin spikes were patterned around the form.

The final product was then 3D printed in Nylon.

The result was something Rajcevic calls a "fashion artifact."

"When you move it, you have this range of angles," Rajcevic said. "The shadows move, so the piece kind of waves."

The piece is called, "Animal: The Other Side of Evolution," and is a set of resin headwear that resembles hyper-evolved extensions of human skeletal structures.