Founded in 1997, Pixologic Incorporated develops software tools for the film and video, games, graphic design and illustration markets. Their ZBrush is a graphic application aimed at simplifying the science behind generating computer graphics, and it appeals to a wide audience by including tools to give users intuitive and visual control over the digital images they create.

Now you can take part in the ZBrush Summit, a free 3-day event on Friday August 8th, Saturday August 9th and Sunday August 10th, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. The summit will also stream live around the world.

The ZBrush Summit will include presentations, panel discussions from a variety of industries and a sneak peek of the newest version of ZBrush with members of the Pixologic Team.

If you're considering or already using ZBrush in your production cycle, this will be a rare opportunity to see ZBrush in action and check out demos of the latest version of ZBrush from Paul Gaboury and Joseph Drust.

Paul Gaboury

Paul Gaboury is Pixologic's 3D Product Development Manager, and his work with studios like Legacy Effects, Disney Animation, Bad Robot, Pixar, Hasbro and Sideshow Collectibles helps those artists enhance their digital sculpting pipeline using ZBrush. Gaboury is involved in every aspect of ZBrush development and works with artists around the world to offer them support. As part of the Pixologic team, he travel to various studios and schools to present live demos on ZBrush and highlight new tools and techniques for ZBrush users. He graduated with a BFA from Bowling Green State University and was an extension student at Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

The summit will also include presentations from industry giants like Disney, Legacy Effects, Red Storm Entertainment, Passion, Elastic, Ubisoft, 3DSystems/GentleGiant, Section Studios, and Hasbro which feature ZBrush as it's used in commercials, TV, film, games, 3D printing and toy manufacturing.

The list of guest speakers reads like am artistic Who's Who. The dynamic group will include Rafael Grasseti, Josh Herman, Danny Williams, Dominic Qweck, Maarten Verhoven, Alex Huguet, and Vance Kovacs.

The ZBrush Summit brings together ZBrush artists from around the world and unites them under one roof for a three-day, "digital clay" extravaganza.

Pixologic is privately owned and is located in California with offices in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

ZBrush retails for $795 and can be purchased online at