Additive manufacturer Renishaw has just completed a 66,000 sq ft. renovation at their Miskin, Wales factory and they have plans to build into an additional 400,000 sq ft.  Part of the space will be dedicated to producing Renishaw's line of additive manufacturing machines.

The factory Renishaw is refurbishing was originally designed to produce car parts, so it's taken some time and effort to get it ready for production. They have broken the renovations down into phases, with each phase encompassing at least 65,000 sq ft of space. This new announcement marks Renishaw's second completed area since they purchased the 193-acre location in September 2011.

Phase One renovations cleared out and spruced up 68,500 sq ft of factory space and cost Renishaw £7.5 million. There is no official word yet on how much it cost Renishaw to complete Phase Two, but they aren't planning to stop the forward expansion any time soon.

Some of Renishaw's Phase Two developments included extraction systems that will eliminate airborne contaminants, as well as noise-reduction technology. The 66,000 sq ft area also got a visual remake with premium lighting, white paint and red tile.

According to Gareth Hankins, director of Renishaw's Group Manufacturing Services division, "One of the key aims with all of our manufacturing facilities is to build a pleasant place to work, but also to achieve the wow factor. Every year we play host to visitors from across the world and whether potential customers, potential employees, politicians or the general public, we think it is important to present a positive image of manufacturing."