Tom Fripp using 3D scan data to build a prosthetic nose

Growth in the economies and infrastructure expansion is driving the 3D scanning market in various countries, and scanning is increasingly a core process in making display or prototype parts in the manufacturing industry, auto industry and a variety of mechanical and design-related concerns.

Widely adopted by the medical industry for surgical applications, diagnosis via MRI, CT scan and others, 3D scanning is also a go-to process in dentistry.

A new report on the 3D scanning segment by MarketsandMarkets Analysis says that the global 3D scanning market is expected to grow from $2.06 billion in 2013 to $4.08 billion by 2018, at an estimated CAGR of 14.6% from 2013 to 2018.

The report 3D Scanning Market - By Devices, focuses on optical, laser, structured light, reverse engineering, quality inspection and rapid prototyping applications of the technology. It provides a brief about 3D Scanning technologies, their types, applications and services, and identifies growth areas for the technology in key playing fields like portable 3D scanners.

3D Scanning Market - By Devices also addresses the issue of price sensitivity and how it affects consumer buying behavior. The authors say the impact of pricing restraints are high at present, but add that, over the next five years, that impact is expected to be on the medium to lower side and predicts that companies will succeed in their attempts to achieve economies of scale in the next five years and succeed in lowering their prices.

3D scanning used in automobile designThe report says that 3D scanning processes, as they continually improve, are creating demand in a wider range of vertical markets. Some of the verticals covered include aerospace and defense, entertainment and media, medical and healthcare, architecture and engineering, oil and gas, energy and power, automotive and transportation, and manufacturing. The report also covers geographic areas including North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

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