With fifty four days remaining, RepRapTech's Therminator 5 has reached its Kickstarter funding goal of $2,000.  The Therminator 5 is a RepRap hot end, the portion of the printer that heats the filament, where the extrusion nozzle attaches.

The unit's design is the result of RepRapTech's experiences printing with other hot ends they felt did not meet their needs for more demanding print jobs.  The Therminator 5 is intended to be a new and better option in RepRap hot ends, offering dependability for bigger and faster prints.  It works with 1.75 and 3 mm ABS and PLA, and .35 and .5 mm nozzles.

A fully assembled unit will carry a $995.95 price tag once made available in the retail channel, but a pledge of $80 will secure it now via Kickstarter.  Tony May, President of RepRapTech, intends to post the full design with drawings and assembly steps on RepRap.org for public use at the end of the project.

The Therminator
     The Therminator


  • A large heat zone for temp stabilization.
  • Machined brass for better heat transfer and durability.
  • Double heat power resisters for fast heat -up and heat zone stability for fast print jobs.
  • A thicker insulator (PEEK) for heat isolation and durability.
  • Only has five total parts making it very easy to maintain.
  • The nozzle comes off without taking the extruder or hot end apart.
  • Uses SeeMeCNC nozzles that are always available and cost less than other nozzles you have to buy (if in stock)
  • The mount is common for most RepRap Mendel and Prusa extruders.