Happy Father's Day.  I hope you and your family are having a good one.


Road Trip

Bob and I were in the Los Angeles area this week.  We visited Lincoln Kamm, Deezmaker, Airwolf 3D and MatterHackers (they are setting up a new 3D printing retail store in Orange County).  We have a lot of photos and video to sort before posting, but I'd like to thank everyone for their hospitality and for giving me a reason to sport suave tourist attire.

Mike and Lars


When Creepy Goes Viral

Our Contributing Editor, Brooke Kaelin, wrote yesterday about a doctoral student 3D printing life masks based on DNA randomly found in her everyday environment.  The story was described on our Facebook page (and others) as,  "Creepy, but cool."  The article became Brooke's most popular ever, in just one day.  It now holds our record for Facebook likes and shares.  It is responsible for the most traffic we've ever had on a weekend (even though this is Father's Day).  Guess what, Brooke?  You just got assigned to the Creepy Beat.


Breaking News:  "Start" and "Continues" are now Synonymous

All over the internet during the past week, we've seen headlines like this one:  Amazon to Start Selling 3D Printers.  Pardon the interruption, but Amazon has been selling 3D printers for a long time.  The only difference is what happens when you type "3d printer" into the search bar.  A filtered link is now provided to make the hardware (instead of books) easier to find.


Mission Accomplished?

The primary focus of last week's wrap was the rumor about Stratasys being in talks to acquire MakerBot.  I've heard nothing new on this front, but I noticed Monday's stock market.  Stratasys closed at $82.65, up 5.3 percent.