The Robox 3D printer is now on the market following a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised nearly three times its initial funding target and all the firm's Kickstarter backers have had their pledges fulfilled.

Created by British-based development company CEL, the Robox desktop 3D printer and micro-manufacturing platform retails at just over $1,500 and can now be purchased online at

The device will also be distributed by Stampede USA and stocked by major retailers including Dynamism and RobotShop in North America.

The Robox 3D printer features a proprietary dual-head print nozzle design. While one nozzle is designed to print in detail, the other is used to fill in larger areas at much higher speeds. A needle-valve system is employed to stop ooze and stringing from the nozzles. The Robox is capable of printing in 0.02mm layers.

A proprietary bed probing mechanism automatically detects and corrects the gantry to ensure it is always parallel and that the first layer of whatever is being printed adheres evenly. The bed is made of PEI (Polyetherimide), which adheres to the hot plastic, allowing the user to pop the printed object off once it cools and shrinks.

Using its own AutoMaker software, the printer is said to be operable by both experts and novices alike. A "future-proof design" provides space for a second extruder with a "HeadLock" system so different heads can be quickly assembled to perform a range of different functions.

The Robox is the brainchild of Chris Elsworthy, a designer of innovative power tools. He has been developing it since 2012.

"The Robox is affordable, capable, and usable, and that's why it's the perfect 3D printer for the small start-ups, artists, architects, inventors, homeowners and especially the students and children out there," Elsworthy says. "We hope that the Robox will enable the average person to innovate, design and make more easily than ever before, and encourage today's generation to make the most of their imaginations and creativity."