First off, let it be known that Rod Maxwell spends plenty of time creating prosthetics, monster makeup and movie effects without a 3D printer. He was a contestant on the third season of Syfy Channel's hit show "Face Off" and is well versed in all of the traditional techniques: mold making, latex, silicone and more, to create fascinating characters ranging from strangely wonderful monsters to stunningly realistic human visages.

Rod is equally versed in digital effects as well, and is probably one of the few guys out there skilled in both computer-generated animation and practical, movie monster makeup artistry.

For Rod, 3D printing is a dream come true since it allows him to use his digital skills to quickly create masks and molds. Rod states, "When I was a kid, I loved watching the TV series Mission Impossible. I dreamed of being able to carry around a briefcase that could magically print out masks that could be used to disguise myself into anyone. That briefcase is now a laptop, 3D printers are a reality, and I couldn't be more thrilled!"

Recently featured on Shapeways is Rod's ingenious, multi-functional, 3D-printed invention: Zombie Bullet Wound Pendant. While serving as a beautiful piece of jewelry, the pendant is also an important tool in Rod's monster making process. Hidden on the flip side the pendant is an actual movie-quality mold that can be used to create special effect bullet wounds. By pouring skin-safe silicone onto the pendant, any artistically inclined human (or zombie) can create a riddled-with-bullets appearance, making it the perfect tool for makeup artists and monster makers alike.

The pendant can be found at Rod's store and is available in bronze-infused stainless steel, polished nickel steel, or sterling silver.

Now that Rod has access to the Mission Impossible briefcase he has always dreamed of, who knows what interesting 3D printed monster making tools he will conjure up next.

To learn more about Rod's fantastical designs and movie-monster inventions, check out his website.