Jo Thompson came of age surrounded by beautiful gardens as she grew up in Rome, and her current work harkens back to the memories she cherished of those lovely Italian gardens.

For Thompson Landscape & Garden Design, the design of a garden is intimately tied to creating inspired – and inspirational – spaces which sit beautifully in their location.

Thompson is one of the artists whose work will be shown as part of miNiATURE, a museum exhibit aimed at giving designers an outlet to explore their creative designs through 3D modeling and printing.

Before the advent of inexpensive 3D printing technology, physical models took time and expense and their use was often eschewed in favor of displaying designs onscreen.

"With the advent of 3D printing, we have the ability to produce high quality, detailed and accurate 3D models to communicate ideas and engage directly with clients," Thompson said.

The miNiATURE show features the work of a group of leading UK and International landscape designers printed in 3D, and they say it's given them a chance to design completely new ideas in gardens and landscapes and then introduce them to the public via 3D printing technology.

Exhibit curators Kajsa Björne, Andrew Fisher Tomlin and Tom Harfleet, all of whom work internationally across a wide range of projects from residential gardens, prestigious private developments, public spaces and parks and art installations, are the driving forces behind the show.

The three originally met and worked together for the first time in Sydney, Australia and discovered a mutual interest in the power of gardens and gardening to create alternative perspectives and representations that benefit people's lives. They then decided to work together to produce miNiATURE, and they say it's an exploration of "conceptual, contemporary and progressive garden design."

It's through 3D printing that the group says visitors will be able to see the ideas made real in context.

The miNiATURE show is set to debut March 5-9, 2014, at the Strand Gallery near Trafalgar Square in London, UK.

As part of the show, ten award-winning, international garden and landscape designers will showcase their designs, output directly from their 3D design software via 3D printing. The 3D printed garden models were produced by Hobs 3D, providers of 3D printing services to the architectural and landscape design profession.

The roster of designers is set to include Myles Baldwin, John Brookes, Jamie Dunstan, Sarah Eberle, Jim Fogarty, Adam Frost, Jihae Hwang, Andy Sturgeon, Wilson McWilliams and Thompson (United Kingdom).

"We're delighted to sponsor this innovative event, which gives garden and landscape designers an opportunity to explore cutting edge design concepts through 3D modeling and printing," said Tamsin Slatter, Director of Design Software Solutions. "We've been thrilled to offer training and modeling support to some of the designers, including Jamie Dunstan Garden Design."