Caffeine molecule cup by Joaquin Baldwin

Quintal candle by Virtox

Shapeways is lowering its prices on ceramic items in time for the holidays.

The company is switching its pricing model on ceramic products based on how much material is used, rather than surface area. They are also making it easier to calculate and compare pricing.

The upshot is, it should be cheaper to print out the perfect gifts for your loved ones this year.

The previous pricing model charged more for curvy items with complex surfaces, but the new pricing structure is derived from a base fee, plus the amount of material used in the item.

Printing ceramic items now cost $6 plus $0.35/cm3.

The ceramic is food safe but is one of the trickier materials to build with because the objects tend to change shape in the high heat of the kiln.

Founded in 2007, Shapeways has evolved into the most prominent marketplace and service bureau for 3D printed designs and objects. The company boasts over 300,000 community members and has 3D printed more than 1 million objects.