(in order of appearance)

World's first operational printed jet turbine
Kyle Norman - Kraftwurx 3D Printing www.kraftwurx.com

Dilly Design - Unique home and personal accessories, printed in plastic and metal.

BHold Design  - Useful and beautiful original products, printed in a ceramic and variety of plastics.

Vader Systems' liquid metal jet printer
Zachary Vader - www.vadersystems.com

Deezmaker's Bukobot and Bukito printers
Diego Porqueras – www.Deezmaker.com, Bukobot/Bukito wiki @ www.bukobot.com  

SeeMe CNC's versatile, affordable delta-style 3D printers, designed by old-school CNC machine shop pros

Other Machine Co.'s economical subtractive process machines that complement 3D printing techniques
www.othermachine.co , info@othermachine.co

3D-printed prototype of Kicksat's carrier/launcher for the ChipSat open-source microsatellite
http://kicksat.wordpress.com/,   http://www.4specialprojects.com/index.html

M3D Creations' pro-grade metal-filled & thermochromic printer filaments

Deltaprintr a low-cost, high-precision expandable-format delta coordinate printer which will launch soon on Kickstarter
Shai Schechter -  www.deltaprintr.com, info@deltaprintr.com

3DMonstr's quad-head, multi-material, large volume printer was designed to print rocket engines but will also decorate cakes
Ben Reytblat - 3DMonstr.com

Videography by Jennie Bourne