Sigma Labs has delivered two of its PrintRite3D® quality assurance systems for 3D metal printing to a leading aerospace company.

The aerospace company has requested to not be identified, but a spokesman for Sigma said it is a prominent company with a high public profile.

"This important delivery is the result of our determined commercialization efforts as we transition to production during 2014," Sigma CEO Mark Cola said. "We expect additional PrintRite3D(R) business from this customer as well as with a variety of major aerospace companies over the near term. We look forward to helping all our customers achieve their critical quality control goals for 3D metal printed parts."

Sigma Labs expects to generate up to $975,000 in revenues during 2014 as the PrintRite3D(R) systems undergo tests and evaluations.

PrintRite3D(R) is Sigma Labs' patented software package that quickly assesses the quality of a part during the additive manufacturing process by using real-time data, as opposed to waiting for costly post-process inspection.