Sixense, a global leader in motion tracking and 3D modeling, will give attendees at 3D Printer World Expo a comprehensive look at MakeVR – an accessible and intuitive content creation solution for the 3D printing industry – and the first public demonstration of its collaborative modeling features, allowing multiple users to model within the same environment simultaneously. The unique demo gives the 3D printing community a peek at the product just prior to its Kickstarter campaign scheduled to launch just after the Expo on Feb. 5.

MakeVR bridges the void between the real and virtual worlds, allowing users to harness their full potential to create, share, buy, trade and print 3D models. The software, built from the ground up to operate with motion-enabled input devices, combines a professional-grade CAD engine with an intuitive two-handed interface that gives unprecedented ease of use, making 3D printing more accessible and less intimidating to people without any training or experience in 3D modeling.

"With MakeVR we're enabling everyone to more easily and affordably create models in 3D. Coupled with the emergence of so many great new 3D printing solutions, this will catalyze the entire market," says Amir Rubin, co-founder of Sixense. "3D Printer World Expo offers the perfect stage to showcase MakeVR, and we're looking forward to feedback from leaders in the 3D printing industry at the show."

It isn't enough to be able to download other people's objects and print them, according to Jenny Bolton, President of Punchbowl Media Inc., producer of 3D Printer World Expo. "For the vast majority of 3D printer users who want to print their own designs, the CAD learning curve must be eased, if not eliminated," she says. "Most don't have the time, money or desire to learn complicated 3D modeling software, but they have ideas 3D printing can turn into reality. MakeVR's more natural human-to-computer interface and simplified approach to modeling gives them that ability."

Attendees at the Expo can't miss the demo. The Sixense booth is the first 20x20 island through the main entrance of the exhibit floor.