Stratasys and Sixense have been named platinum sponsors for providing the highest possible level of support at 3D Printer World Expo in Burbank, Calif., Jan. 31-Feb 1.

Publicly traded Stratasys, founded by the inventor of Fused Deposition Modeling, S. Scott Crump and his wife Lisa Crump, is a titan in the 3D printing world. The company and its FDM and PolyJet professional printers are represented directly and by channel partners all over the globe. 

Earlier this year, Stratasys acquired MakerBot, the best-selling and most recognizable brand in the personal 3D printer ranks. Combined with precision printer subsidiary Solidscape, Stratasys offers a complete lineup of solutions ranging from idea presentation to prototyping and manufacturing for a number of industries including aerospace, dental/medical, jewelry, architecture, defense, education, automotive, entertainment, consumer and commercial. The company will be represented on the show floor by licensed dealers Purple Platypus and GoEngineer.

Sixense is a leader in motion tracking, 3D modeling and human-to-computer virtual reality interfaces. In September, the company successfully funded STEM, a wireless, modular motion tracking system on Kickstarter, to the tune of over $600,000.

Sixense executives plan to follow their auspicious STEM hardware launch with MakeVR, groundbreaking 3D modeling for 3D printing software that combines a professional-grade CAD engine with an intuitive, two-handed, motion-enabled input interface.  Essentially, it is 3D modeling via virtual reality, as opposed to traditional menus, mouse-clicking and keystrokes.

With MakeVR, modelers both new and experienced can "reach into the virtual world" to intuitively grab, manipulate, create and shape objects within it. MakeVR also enables collaborative modeling so that multiple users can concurrently design within the same 3D scene, either locally or remotely over the internet.

At 3D Printer World Expo, Sixense will showcase the STEM system's final form factor and an Oculus Rift head-mounted display for a fully immersive modeling experience.