Stratasys Ltd. has announced the winners of the Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge, a contest that rewards students for coming up with innovative ideas for 3D printing, now in its ninth year.

What’s most unique about this year’s contest is that the actual winning submission is not being revealed.  Stratasys shared the details of the winning entry, Crawler 2.0, by Andrew Roderick and Brian Booth of Andrews University, with the online inventor community, Edison Nation, which operates the Everyday Edisons television show.  Edison Nation apparently thinks the winning design submission has strong potential for a future licensing agreement.  The company is recommending steps the entrant should take to pursue that opportunity.

The identifiable winning entrants are described in more detail here, include the following:

  • A wall mounted disk rack
  • A combination beverage and snack cup
  • A magnesium fire starter
  • A board game that reinforces basic math skills
  • An easy-open bottle cap
  • A new additive manufacturing process
  • A pair of virtual organic glasses
  • A 3D artistic rendering of a running “Charger” trophy

Winning contestants received $2,500 or $1,000 scholarships.  Criteria for entering the contest include creativity, usefulness, part integrity and aesthetics.  According to Stratasys, each submission is required to be a sound mechanical design, be realistic and achievable and include a clear written description of the design.

While not every new idea developed using a 3D printer might change the world, no one can say for certain where a few thousand dollars in the pocket of a deserving student might eventually lead.