The Stratasys Mojo Desktop 3D Printer and Print Pack Starter Package

The Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer is now available on for $5,999. That's big news, considering it once sold for closer to $10,000.

The Mojo, a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) device, is adept at printing concept models and functional prototypes from Stratasys ABSplus thermoplastic material. Producing professional results similar to its larger Stratasys FDM brethren, the svelte Mojo, measuring just 25" wide, 21" deep and 18" tall, is essentially a mini-Dimension. Like other Stratasys FDM printers, it offers water-soluble support removal for creation of intricate moving parts.

Stratasys Mojo with colorful print samples

ABSplus can be purchased in various colors. The printer has a maximum part size of 5" x 5" x 5" and outputs layers at 178 microns thickness. That may not sound like a particularly small layer height, but those who have seen Stratasys FDM prints understand that as a result of minimal X/Y variance and the temperature controlled build chamber, part quality is outstanding.

" has become a pioneer for 3D printing, and we are excited for our Mojo to be a part of its online store. Having our professional desktop 3D printer on expands our exposure into a new marketplace. Now customers who are looking for a professional-grade 3D printer can take advantage of Amazon's convenient online shopping experience," says Gilad Gans, President of Stratasys North America.

Part of the Stratasys Idea Series, The Mojo Desktop 3D Printer and Print Pack Starter Package includes the desktop 3D printer, a startup supply of materials and bases, the Mojo Print Wizard and Control Panel software and the WaveWash 55 support removal system.

Stratasys Ltd. subsidiaries include MakerBot and Solidscape, and the company operates a digital-manufacturing service wing – RedEye, Harvest Technologies and Solid Concepts. With more than 2,500 employees, 600 granted or pending additive manufacturing patents and 25 awards for its technology, Stratsys is a leading player in the AM market, and with this Amazon deal, brings professional FDM printing closer to a personal FDM price point.