It's no secret to anyone around here, the list of things that can be made via 3D printing just keeps growing. However, thanks to a Stratasys Objet30 Pro Desktop 3D printer and the prop makers at FBFX Ltd, we can add one more thing to that list – movie magic. The artists at FBFX used the Objet30 to design Noomi Rapace's space helmet in last year's summer blockbuster, Prometheus.

FBFX purchased the 3D printer to help in prototyping objects for their clients.

"The film industry is rapidly moving towards digital – more and more 3D files are coming in, so we've had to align our in-house resources to meet this demand," FBFX Managing Director Grant Pearmain said. "We can now take 3D data and quickly 3D print a model for our customers to hold in their hands and make design changes if necessary. Having this capability puts us on the frontline, and in this business, having the most cutting-edge technology in-house can be the difference between being called upon for a multi-million pound movie or not."

Pearmain and the Objet30 3D Printer (PR Newswire)

When it came time to design a helmet for Rapace, using the 3D printer was a no-brainer. The complex patterns required to create the collar and helmet locking rings would have taken weeks to do via traditional means. However, utilizing their 3D printer it took only a few hours.

Rapace's helmet, created with help from a 3D printer (PR Newswire)

"When it comes to creating accurate models, 3D printing is revolutionary in the industry when you think of the traditional methods we used to use," Pearmain said.

"This type of job would have previously been outsourced, costing us time and money we did not have," added Pearmain. "However, having the 3D printer in-house allowed us to perfect the design and provide a more comfortable experience for Noomi without worrying about missing deadlines."