In March we reported that MakerBot had inked a distribution deal with WYNIT. Now Stratasys, MakerBot's parent, is announcing a similar agreement. The plan calls for WYNIT to handle Stratasys' desktop professional-class FDM and PolyJet printers – The Mojo, uPrint, Objet24 and Objet30.

"By authorizing WYNIT as a national distributor and leveraging its extensive and focused reseller network, we aim to significantly expand Stratasys' 3D Printer market share," says Gilad Gans, President, Stratasys North America. "We see this as an opportunity to extend our reach into new segments that are looking to adopt our leading 3D printer technology and relevant solutions and applications."

WYNIT offers an extensive reseller network and dedicated 3D printing business development and support team. The company is expected to work with Stratasys to selectively authorize retailers within their network and in previously untapped market segments.

"We have an established community of resellers in various markets including the technical (2D) graphics vertical, which we believe has great potential for expanding into the 3D printing category," said Geoffrey Lewis, Chief Executive Officer and President of WYNIT. "We view Stratasys' 3D Printers as the market leader in terms of quality and performance for commercial applications. We anticipate that our broad market reach and value-added distribution services will allow us to tap into additional incremental markets."

WYNIT is developing quite a 3D portfolio. They now represent MakerBot, Printrbot, 3Doodler, Stratasys desktop, Fuel3D, Leapfrog, Flashforge and Solidoodle.