Stratasys has announced a new material for 3D printing of dental and orthodontics models. The new material, called VeroDentPlus MED690, expands Stratasys' growing family of dental materials, offering high accuracy, dimensional stability and high resolution, according to a company statement.

The move comes as more and more dental professionals are moving away from the old method of plaster-casted models, opting instead to use 3D dental scans to create orthodontic appliances.

The new material is optimized for printing models for crowns, bridges, orthodontic appliances, and implants, and offers the appearance of dental stone.

“The dental market requires the highest standard in precision and appearance of 3D printed stone models,” said Avi Cohen, director of global dental at Stratasys. “The introduction of VeroDentPlus MED690 is part of our continuing commitment to setting that standard.”

Source: Stratasys.

Stratasys has a history of catering to the dental market. Last month, the company announced a printer specifically for orthodontists at smaller practices: the Objet30 Orthodesk.  The Orthodesk was designed by Stratasys to cater to small clinics that cannot afford their larger, more expensive printers. Check it out in action below: