Taulman3D has announced the availability of a new PLA filament that boasts a non-yellow clearness for more accurate translucent, transparent or semitransparent prints. It is also said to allow follow-on colors to be more vibrant and lustrous. The material is called In-PLA, as in, industrial PLA.

Comparison of natural PLA to In-PLA

The pre-release code name for In-PLA was PLAdium, which is the name it appears under on MatterHackers and various other retail sites.

Standard extrusion temperature for In-PLA is 207°C - 212°C, although it can be set as high as 224°C for a glossier effect. It does not require a heated bed and printing speed settings should match regular PLA. Smoothing an In-PLA part with XTC-3D epoxy coating will enhance its transparency.

PLA is often preferred to ABS because it is far less prone to warping.

"While the reduced shrinkage of PLA has been of interest to Taulman3D for some time, it was important we bring additional new and innovative features to the 3D printing community that went further than what is currently available from hundreds of material suppliers around the world," said Tom Martzall of Taulman3D. "While the small shrinkage feature is a significant advantage of PLA, we wanted to bring PLA closer to the utility side of 3D Printing. With In-PLA, we have developed this additional strength and look forward to new uses and applications where a stronger PLA can fill a need."

In-PLA is available in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter 1kg spools. Color options are clear/natural, opaque white, opaque black, translucent red, translucent blue and translucent green.