Terawatt Industries, of Boulder, CO., a provider of open source 3D printer solutions, is offering a new 3D printer on Kickstarter called the PrismX.  It is a triangle frame design based on the Prism Mendel published by Buback in 2011.  Calibrated for speed, it is a very fast personal class FFF printer, capable of 400 mm/s infill, 200 mm/s perimeter and 750 mm/s travel.

The PrismX's project funding goal is set at $45,500.  Pledges start at $1,195 for a complete kit, $1,795 fully assembled.

Key Features:

  • Uses 1.75 mm filament - PLA and ABS.  Stock models are designed for 1.75mm filament but can be easily modified for 3mm filament use.
  • 100-micron layer resolution capability; 150-200 microns optimal with 0.5mm nozzle.
  • J-head 0.5mm nozzle is stock.  Compatible with 0.35mm and 0.25mm j-head nozzle sizes.
  • Build envelope: 8.5" x 8.25" x 8" (215mm x 210mm x 200mm).
  • 00str00der belt-driven extruder for fast and accurate extrusion.
  • Heated build platform (MK2 heated).
  • Universal Y-Axis plate made from 6061-T6 aluminum; made in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Exceptionally rigid aluminum extrusion construction.  Smooth rails are outside of frame for added strength and travel.
  • Deluxe belt-driven z-axis with precision leadscrews, matching brass nuts, thrust bearings, GT2 belts, GT2 pulleys, and acetal bushings.
  • Efficient 4-motor design.  The belt-driven z-axis performs better than direct-drive systems.
  • Precision leadscrews are center-tapped for M4 screw especially for the PrismX; matching brass nuts; all made in Japan along with GT2 belts.
  • Utilizes open source software tool chain: Pronterface, Slic3r, Marlin, and more.
  • Molded-plastic parts are solid, strong, consistently precise, provide exceptional frame alignment.
  • RAMPS 1.4 with Marlin Firmware customized for PrismX.
  • ATX PSU with short-circuit protection, over-current protection, 30A of power on 12v, plenty of 5v power for add-ons.
  • Power Switch for immediate manual override of heaters and motors.
  • RAMPS 1.4 fulfilled by Terawatt Industries; green or black PCBs.
  • Freeaduino MEGA2560 rev.3 with USB mini-B connector and blue LEDs.
  • TFT Touch-Screen (not pictured, optional add-on).
  • Noctua cooling fans. 80mm for RAMPS/Freaduino; 20mm for the hotend. 6 year manufacturer's warranty, extremely quiet.
  • LM8UU bearings mounted with steel retainer rings for precise and affordable alignment.
  • GT2 linear drive systems throughout.