Meet the Blizzident toothbrush: It's a frightening looking apparatus on a mission to clean your teeth in less than seven seconds. Imagine a completely customized iron maiden for your mouth; with each gentle spike precisely engineered to scrape up and between your teeth to scour them clean in a matter of seconds. Aside from the unpleasant mental image it's an uncommonly powerful product. Take a look at how it works here:

The process of creating a Blizzident toothbrush begins with either a dental impression or a 3D scan of your entire mouth. Once you have the scan you can upload it to the Blizzident website and they will use a 3D printer to create a customized tray. Once the tray is printed out, 400 individual bristles are painstakingly applied by hand. During application the bristles are engineered to point at the precise angles needed to clean your teeth effectively. When it comes time to use the toothbrush all you do have to do is bite down and grind your teeth around for about six seconds – the Blizzident does all the rest. You can even floss while you brush by using the guided markers on the Blizzident tray. The markers show you exactly where to clip in your dental floss to hit between each tooth and the front tray handle serves as a holder for a roll of floss.

As amazing as the Blizzident technology is, it isn't cheap. The dental impressions or scans alone often cost between $75 and $250. Once you have the impressions you have to pay for the creation of the Blizzident which costs $299. Yearly replacement brushes sell for $159 or you can refurbish your 3D printed tray by replacing only the bristles for $89.