Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), was there from the start, and he was proud to be on hand when the ribbon was cut a year ago to dedicate the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute in Youngstown.

Best known by the acronym NAMII, the institute is now convinced it's time for a little rebranding, so they plan to knock the rust off the idea, as it were.

While from the outside the building which houses NAMII looks a tad unkempt, brick and typically rust belt, the inside is packed with additive manufacturing equipment capable creating some of the most intricate and complicated structures machines can produce.

NAMII was the recipient of a $30 million federal grant to serve their mission as the most high-profile incubator dedicated to advancing the state of the art in 3D printing.  But, this week the institute announced a bit of a course correction.

So what are they going with? How about the catchy little appellation, America Makes?

The group says the name change is aimed at cranking up the additive manufacturing and 3D printing movement in these United States, and adds that leadership felt its identity was "limited" as a result of its association with the current acronym.

According to the honchos, the five-letter designation failed to completely convey the intent, depth and mission of the organization.

Ed Morris, the Director of the Institute Formerly Known as NAMII, put it this way:

"The goal of the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute is to broaden our voice to be more indicative and inclusive of all of the innovative people in our country – whether they are hobbyists or entrepreneurs or they work in industry, academia, and government."

And of course when you rebrand, you're going to need a new website.

And so it is this time around. The new website – – expects to act as a portal for members to collaborate, network, publish and share findings and help in the search for new approaches to additive manufacturing.