FDM trends have danced around during the last three years, but one thing never changes. Bigger build envelopes always attract attention. Develop a large format 3D printer, throw in good quality and robust material options, and the trends start to merge. Such is the case with Titan Robotics' new Atlas.

The Atlas' standard build area is 30"x30"x45" but the machine is essentially made-to-order. Larger build areas can be requested. It uses 3mm filament and prints layer heights from 150 to 500 microns. It is a moving table design with a heated bed. There are dual Hexagon all metal hot ends, swappable for larger or smaller nozzles to increase either print speed or resolution, allowing the ability to print most materials available today. Other features include a Bulldog XL extruder, graphic display screen with SD card reader and smart controller for disconnected operation, a lighted print area and industrial grade flexible wiring and cable guides.

Closed loop servo drives are available as an option, for 100% error-free printing on the X and Y axes. Although, the unit's standard NEMA 23 stepper motors and Smoothieboard and are said to deliver designated feed rates with +/- .002" repeatability. All axes are a direct drive ballscrew configuration with zero backlash.

Titan will build a full enclosure for the Atlas, if that is your preference. A second extruder can also be added.

"We are excited to introduce such a high quality 3D printer," said Titan Robotics Founder and CEO Clay Guillory. "We fully expect this printer to be a game changer in the 3D printing industry."

The Atlas is based on open source designs and can be operated by any compatible controlling software, such as MatterControl or Repetier Host.

Long story short, it's a giant FDM printer with almost every option someone could desire, but it doesn't come at a hobbyist cost. Pricing begins at $15,000, half to be paid up front with the other half being due at delivery time. A 12-month service agreement covering mechanical, electrical and programming is included. Titan will assist in machine setup and running the first test prints.