Sedny Attia of TREOFABSedny Attia, CEO of TREOFAB, thinks the way forward is a web service that's all things to all people, and to that end, he and his team have created an interactive content platform for 3D printing.

Attia says it's all about customization, and he believes his TREOFAB, which features a slick, browser-based editor, will be a boon to consumers who want to put their stamp on items from phone cases, to jewelry to business card holders.

Currently in a Beta incarnation, the TREOFAB site will let users customize a short list of products by adding their own logos in 2D or 3D, text in 2D or 3D and then selecting colors, printing materials, printing process and quality, and which manufacturer they want to output the finished files.

"We've been in stealth mode over the last two years, and it would not be fair unless we talked to more people, and got their perspective and thoughts on what we have," Attia says. "We think it's something special."

The last part of the process is perhaps the most interesting as any customer is shown a list of options for printing from service bureaus like 3dprintuk, Kraftwurx, Panashape, Graphite, Shapeways and others – as well as current pricing for a large selection of various materials from each vendor.

Attia hopes he can entice designers and manufacturers to take part in developing the platform alongside the TREOFAB team.

Featuring what Attia calls the 'Object App Builder,' designers can submit their objects for inclusion and – at least down the road – sale on TREOFAB. Though the upload feature is currently limited to accepting .STL files, Attia say his team of 10 are working to account for more file formats in the future. He says TREOFAB will be set up to allow the team to test submissions on their own 3D printers to make sure they'll output properly.

According to Attia, TREOFAB now uses Stratasys FDM machines for that testing.

He says his company is committed to bring "together the consumer, designer and manufacturer of 3D printed objects, as well as provide the consumer with the ability to personalize and customize an object of their desire and have it purchased, built and delivered through a manufacturer with the speed, quality and cost of their choosing."