Layla Kristina

Jewelry designer Layla McCook is a recent graduate of Birmingham's School of Jewellery where she had the opportunity to learn how to incorporate cutting edge methods like LaserCUSING into her repertoire. McCook collaborated with Colin Cater of ES Technology Limited and used their Mlab cusing system to design a line of jewelry she calls "Rose Tinted Spectacles".

McCook says the line was inspired by nature, "the world's greatest designer." She wanted to create a delicate line of jewelry that represented the soft, organic structures of rose petals combined with the beauty of rose gold and natural gems. The intricate patterns (which are just 0.3 mm wide in some spots) could only have been accomplished with additive manufacturing techniques.

McCook created multiple pieces for her line; all evocative of a single rose petal curling as it blooms. "As an artistic and innovative individual, I am very passionate about the creation of original pieces of jewelry that reflect femininity, elegance and sophistication," McCook wrote on her website. "My jewelry often reflects a combination of soft fluid structures and intricate detailing. I endeavor to create pieces that convey luxury and quality, using a combination of precious metals and gemstones."

McCook's work has already gained some notoriety and she's only been out of school a year. She's also been busy working on a second collection she calls "Fallen Petal". McCook's second collection builds on the same theme as her first. It relies on the use of additive manufacturing technology to produce the intricate details. In the future she plans to continue designing jewelry in 18KT white, rose and yellow gold.

The Mlab cusing system McCook uses to build her pieces is pretty impressive. It works with high-grade steels, precious-metal alloys and titanium alloys. If you're interested in what the laser cusing process looks like you can see it in the video below.