The new Ultimaker 2 has just been unveiled and it promises to be faster and more accurate than the original Ultimaker. There are a few obvious changes which have been made to the design. They've added a heated build platform with a volume of 230 x 225 x 205 mm. The hot-end has been upgraded and dual extrusion support is in the works. The printer is a sleeker design. The wood is gone and the bowden filament drive has been moved to the inside of the machine (an access port has been added for loading and unloading the filament.) The new Ultimaker 2 also features an LCD interface on the machine which allows you to customize flow rate, temperature, speed and more.

You can take a look at it in action here:

The price point for the Ultimaker 2 is €1,895 ($2,563). The printer is WiFi enabled and comes packaged with customizable Cura software. Cura is an open source slicing engine that can pre-process 3D files 60 times faster than some of its competitors. The Cura program also offers a draft mode which allows you to create faster, lower quality prints as needed.

Along with the release of the Ultimaker2, the company recently announced the creation of "YouMagine" an online collaboration site similar to Thingiverse. Unlike Thingiverse however, YouMagine supports group sharing and synchronized editing of files. As an exercise in simplicity, the Cura software is capable of sending your printable files directly to your YouMagine account. You can check out some of the files that have already been uploaded or sign up for a free YouMagine account here.