And you thought Egosurfing and the occasional foray into Kibozing was the ultimate in technological narcissism...

No longer.

Now there's my3Dtwin, a full color, 3D printed figurine featuring you as the model.

At their studio, a firm called Levavo takes a series of images of a customer made with their own, proprietary 3D scanner/camera. They use those images to produce a virtual model of an individual for output. All that's left is for the company to use their full color 3D printer to create a figurine (of a chosen size), and the human inspiration becomes a realistic model.

Levavo, in partnership with Cadventure, came up with this most interesting twist on a "selfie."

Have you ever wanted to have a 3D model of yourself or a loved one? The process uses a 3D photo scan which takes an instant, multi-camera shot of the subject at the press of a button. That digital data  moves on to a digital photo lab where a 3D model is created and used as input to a full color ProJet 660 3D printer.

Brothers Marcin and Piotr Piosik said they tested a variety of 3D scanning solutions, and in keeping with the urge to always look to larger applications, moved on to more complex objects.

"With time, we decided to focus on people as we found it very challenging to scan an object which moves all the time and proves difficult to reconstruct," said Marcin.

Also in keeping with the Code of the Mad Scientist, Marcin ultimately turned their creation inward for the final tests.

Satisfied Facebook customer Kristian

"My brother was our first subject, and once we had a virtual 3D model of him, we only had to find a way of 'bringing it back to the real world,'" Marcin said.

They performed extensive research into 3D printing technologies, starting with some basic monochromatic 3D printers, but the output from them proved "insufficient for us," Marcin said.

Though they finally found an existing printer which filled the bill, owning one was beyond their limited budget to actually purchase, so the brothers tracked down some of the owners of the proper machine and requested that their data be 3D printed in full color.

"A couple of days later we were presented with our first prototype, a figurine of my brother, and after presenting it to our friends and family members everyone was so excited we decided to pursue our goal of bringing the idea to the public as a product," Marcin said.