According to the brothers, Cadventure proved a most willing and inventive partner, and along with some consultations from the firm's MD, Paul Lewis, Cadventure has actively participated with them in a joint venture.

The entire process comes down to a 15-minute appointment you make with the My3DTwin studios in Shoreditch, London, England. While you're there, 64 cameras take a photo of you from every angle at precisely the same moment.

When you arrive, you stand on a special registration square in the middle of the studio surrounded by cameras and a maze of wiring. Strike a pose, and the technician takes the photomontage of you.

After some digital manipulation, a little detailing and a coat of protective emulsion – plus a week or two wait depending on the complexity of the figurine – customers get back an exceptionally accurate representation of themselves, which they can presumably use to extend their interior monologue out to their desktops, dashboards or nightstands.

Imagine the possibilities on Skype alone...