QSQM Technology Corporation have priced their Uncia 3D printer at a very attractive $999 retail. The Uncia generally prints at a 100 micron vertical resolution but can be adjusted down to 50 microns. Considering a micron is one thousandth of a millimeter, that's a pretty small layer.

The Uncia uses a digital light projector (DLP) with the stereolithography process. Rather than extruding material like a glue gun, stereolithography hardens liquid resin via photopolymerization as soon as each layer is printed. This frequently means higher resolution prints in shorter times.

The Uncia's build envelope is 102 x 77 x 180 mm (4.02" x 3.03" x 7.09"). It can print a layer at 100 micron resolution in five to 10 seconds.

The best part is, you can still get a $300 discount on one of these Chinese-made printers with a $50 donation to the company's Indiegogo campaign. That level of donation also gets you a tool kit and a UV lamp with the coupon.

QSQM also offers UV resins in a whole palette of colors, but many supplier's resins are adaptable to the Uncia.

"Uncia is developed by our professional industrial structure engineer," QSQM Chief Marketing Officer Vincent Dou said in the company's campaign video. "We designed Uncia's structure thoroughly based on aerodynamics to keep it's working stable and durable."