If you're looking to snazz up that camera hanging around your neck, one Dutch company has got just the ticket.

Kapsones offers 3D printed camera lens hoods the company claims will give you instant street credibility.

And in case you weren't sure what street credibility is, the company's site provides a definition ala urbandictionary.com and a sample usage:

"Street credit is the points you get for doing something impressive and bold. The more street credit you have the cooler you are. Damn you got street cred yo! you rap?"

So the next time a Dutchman comes up to you and asks if you rap, you can reply, "Fo shizzle!" and pull out your Kapsones.

The hoods come in a variety of colors, ranging from lilac to olive green. The company's Web site claims the colored hoods won't affect the quality of your photos, "at least not enough to notice."

If you're not convinced, the site goes on to remind you, "Black is always an option!"

The lens hoods also come in four distinct texture patterns christened  "Baroque", "Knitted", "Stealth" and "Street". This last one might just be to eliminate any lingering doubts about your mad skills on the mic.

The lens hoods are specifically made to fit a particular lens, most of which are for 35 mm Cannons, though the company does offer hoods for the Nikon AF-S DX 18-105 mm/3.5-5,6 G ED VR.

The price, when converted from Euros, comes to about $27.45 for all colors and textures.

You dig... man?