Cats and dogs

Jeepers creepers, where'd ya get dem… ear buds?

If you're looking for ways to make a statement about who you are, one doesn't normally think about your ear bud case, but Tareq Mirza and Aaroon Sadat have found a way around that.

The two have designed a variety of compartments to hold your ear buds that are truly unique. The 3D printed cases resemble kitties and puppies, with the ear buds sticking out like a couple of bulging eyes.

"My first design was an owl with the ear buds for eyes, but then I thought, 'Wait a minute, if I do a kitty, I could also do a puppy,'" said Mirza, whose background is in animation.

The cord wraps up inside the critters' bodies and the other end sticks out the back like a little tail.

They are called Bud-Es and the plastic cases come in an assortment of colors. They accommodate iPhone ear buds and most newer ear buds, and clip to your belt.

The two have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get their venture off the ground. They are looking to raise $4,500 by Dec. 14th. They've already raised $1,716 from 58 backers.

Not all of the cases are quite as cute as the dog and kitty. There are also cases resembling vampire bat heads. The ear buds stick out the ears, which seems fitting, if not creepy, and the other end of the cord sticks out the mouth.

"I started thinking the vamp head is something the guys would like, but women would like something more cutesy and simple," Mirza said. "Simple always sells better."

The vamp heads also come in stainless steel and double as bottle openers.

You can even get a silver or gold plated vamp head Bud-E, though it's not recommended to use them as bottle openers because of how soft the precious metals are.

A donation of $34 gets you a kitty or a puppy, $37 gets you a plastic vamp head, $150 earns a stainless steel vamp head, $400 is a silver-plated vamp head and $500 brings a gold-plated vamp head.

The Bud-E is the first product from Tareq and Aaroon's company, Ektera, but more are on the way.

The cases are printed by Shapeways.