Using your 3D printer to make ABS parts can be a sticky business – literally.

As the preferred material for 3D printing due to its durability and wide variety of post processing options, ABS does have some requirements. It must be printed on a prepared surface to allow for correct adhesion in order to limit curling (first layer lift from the build plate) while making removal of the object from the printer bed possible.

Common surface treatments include applying a sheet of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film or Kapton tape to a glass plate. Some users treat the printer base surface with a slurry of dissolved ABS and acetone and others use hairspray. Premade flexible build plate covers are also an option, but they can reduce heat transfer from the bed to the printed object. All these methods have their limitations and negatives, so what's the solution?

Airwolf 3D is providing an answer with Wolfbite, a new premium solution engineered to solidly bond Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic parts to a heated 3D printer build plate and prevent lifting. It also helps technicians smoothly release objects following a print run.

"Wolfbite is for anyone who is 3D printing in ABS. It's easy to apply, low odor and long-lasting," says Mark Mathews, President, Airwolf 3D. "Users will see a notable difference in the output of their 3D printed projects when using Wolfbite."

Applied with an applicator brush straight onto the glass printer bed, Wolfbite eliminates the need for PET film or Kapton tape with a single, light coat. Each application can be used for several print runs.

Once an object has cooled, dismounting it from the printing surface takes minimal effort. The parts are left with a clean, smooth bottom surface.

"We're aware of the frustrations that warpage and sticking present. After months of research and development, we're pleased to be able to offer an industry-changing solution that will benefit all 3D printer users," says Erick Wolf, founder and chairman of Airwolf 3D.

Packaged in a 2 FL. OZ bottle which includes a foam brush applicator, Wolfbite is currently available for presale on the Airwolf website at $19.99.