Yu Jiang Tham seems like our kind of guy.

Bar Mixvah is a 3D printed robot that mixes cocktails.Yu Jiang Tham seems like our kind of guy.

A graduate of UCLA with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Tham says he eventually found that programming was "much more invigorating." So after moving to San Francisco, he started working on a series of digital and physical projects.

One of them is Bar Mixvah, a 3D printed robot that mixes cocktails.

Tham's device uses an Arduino Nano microcontroller which switches a series of peristaltic pumps to make a variety of cool, adult beverages. So what, you may rightly ask, is a peristaltic pump? Peristalsis is the method your body uses to swallow food. When your throat muscles contract and relax, they create a sort of waveform to push food in your throat down into your stomach. Tham's pumps use a clear plastic tube which extends through the pump and rollers propelled by a DC motor to push liquid through the tube.

Tham appropriately created the model for his drink mixer in Blender. For the $180 it took to make it, Tham's device is a perfect example of 3D printing and design in the service of relaxation. All of the parts are 3D printed, and he says that while the total time to print the pieces is around 18 hours, it's hard to imagine a more summer-friendly project for the Imbibing Set.

And in yet another brilliant adaptation, the Bar Mixvah is set up to do your cocktail bidding via a web-based interface to let you use an internet-connected device to take care of your remote mixology needs.

"Having (the ordering software) on a web server allows users to order from any device, be it a phone, tablet, or other laptop that can connect to your WiFi access point's internal network," Tham says. "Practicality-wise, maybe it's not necessary. However, in my experience, people seem to enjoy ordering from a tablet that they're holding in their hands more than a stationary screen attached to the robot."

In case you're interested in creating your own Bar Mixvah, Tham has made all of his plans and code available on the web.