Sasan Seyedi, the prime mover behind the Cyrus 3D Printer, had one goal in mind when he began planning to create a new product.

"When we started making the Cyrus 3D Printer, we set one goal in mind – zero compromise," Sayedi said. "We didn't cut costs on any part, including the Z-axis resolution. Where other printers are using a standard threaded rod or leadscrew, we're using a ballscrew which assures a perfect and smooth motion each time. That translates into a precision of up to 20 microns (0.02mm) under ideal settings."

Sayedi says that one key to the accuracy and reliability of the Cyrus is a heated bed which makes use of custom made, industrial grade heaters.

"Overkill is underrated, so we put a 400W power supply inside of it," Sayedi says.

While the Cyrus is currently delivered with a single printer head, its electronics come quad-head ready to provide for future use of a multi-head option.

It comes with a USB interface plus an LCD panel with SD card reader. Wireless is an optional upgrade using the "networkbox" available in their shop. An interactive and intuitive web interface allows for simple operation of the printer, allowing access from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

"Each printer is custom made and tested thoroughly before being sent out," Sayedi said. "You can find the actual lead time on the product page when ordering, and we take our assembly process very seriously. Everything is done in-house."

According to Sayedi, the Cyrus' 195mm x 195mm x 200mm build volume is more than adequate for most designs. He added that larger designs can be cut into multiple parts to save time and decrease the  chance of print failure.

The electronics and firmware are open source. They can be tweaked to fit a user's preference.