ZMorph 3D Printer and 3D Scanner Attachment

Polish Manufacturer ZMorph, makers of the ZMorph 2.0 S 3D Printer/CNC Mill personal fabrication device with interchangeable heads, is demonstrating a new 3D scanner attachment at CeBit in Hannover, Germany.

"Users can freely replicate and edit the properties of an object – change the size and the required material," says Przemek Jaworski, Zmorph's CEO. "Furthermore, our device not only provides accurate 3D print quality, but also supports the user in the proper preparation of the model."
ZMorph 3D Scanner

The new scanner connects to the ZMorph 2.0 S via cable and cannot be operated as a standalone device. Based on a rotational geometry capture mechanism, it is controlled by a plugin for Voxelizer, ZMorph's printer control software. An algorithm converts captured data into voxels, a 3-dimensional unit of measure employed by ZMorph, various other manufacturers and MRI scanning equipment.

The Voxelizer software identifies parts of the object which may be susceptible to destruction after printing and automatically recommends strengthening the sensitive areas of design," says Jaworski. "Filters can be applied to modify the smoothness, thickness and slimness, which is important in strengthening or speeding up the printing process."

The product's target release date is June, 2015, but pre-orders are available now.