Zortrax founders

When Dell places an order for 5,000 3D printers with your company, it becomes worldwide news. The manufacturer Dell chose to fill the order? Polish company Zortrax, a firm based in Olsztyn, had only been in business for a scant few months when that order came in, and that's news as well.

It was a deal totaling close to $10 million, and for a tiny, two-person company, it was a revelation and a challenge. In a heartbeat, they had become players in the worldwide 3D printing market.

Zortrax debuted on Kickstarter and quickly generated $180,000, which led to more interest in their $1,900 3D printer.

So what do they say about the printer that launched 5,000 orders.

"The Zortrax M200 is a cool, easy-to-remember name for a cool, easy-to-remember 3D printer. It's easy, it's stylish, it's cost effective and it's for you. The Zortrax M200 is the printer that will change the nature and the future of home 3D printing."

At this point, a pair of companies in Poland are designated to sell Zortrax products – Materialination and Get3D – and they both offer short lead times, secure service and dedicated printing materials.

Now Zortrax is searching for companies around the world to distribute their products and get their printers into hands outside Europe.

Leading their offerings is the M200, an inexpensive and high quality integrated environment made up of their 3D printer, software and filaments. The firm says it's the enormous interest in their printer driving the need to add resellers.

According to the company, candidates to become resellers will need experience in the 3D printing industry, resources, knowledge and a "willingness to work at the highest level."

To get some information about becoming a Zortrax reseller, interested candidates can put together a presentation which describes their current experience in the industry and send it to resellers@zortrax.com.

Once the process is complete, a list of all resellers will appear on the official company site.

"We want the Zortrax M-200 to became a business product, thanks to which people can make money and realize their ideas," says Karolina Bołądź. "Therefore, we focus on the reliability of hardware, low cost of technical equipment utilization and providing good technical support. The key is also to be able to print from a variety of materials – this is extremely important for professional prototyping."